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Custom Bikers and Motocycle Patches

Custom Biker Patches

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    Looking for custom bikers patches at an affordable rate? Look no further! We offer high-quality custom biker patches that are tailor to your unique style and specifications, all at a price that won’t break the bank. Our biker patches are perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to add a personal touch to their riding gear. From classic designs to intricate artwork, we have the expertise and resources to create patches that reflect your style and passion. Our patches are made using durable materials and advance techniques, ensuring their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. So, why wait? Get in touch with us custom bikers patches manufacturer today.

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    Our Ordering Process Is Simple And Easy

    Ordering biker patches from the best biker patches vendor in USA is a simple and easy process. We have design our ordering system to be user-friendly and convenient for our customers. To begin, you can reach out to our team either through our website or by contacting our customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

    Once we understand your requirements and design preferences, we will provide you with a quote that includes the cost, quantity, and estimated production time. We take pride in offering competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our custom embroidered patches. After finalizing the details, our brilliant design team will work closely with you to create a digital mock-up of custom bikers patches near me.

    This allows you to visualize the final product and make any necessary revisions or adjustments before moving forward with production.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Collections of the most common questions with detailed answer and brief, easy-to-understand answers about all kind of custom patches and Embroidered Patches.

    Our biker patches are made of high-quality materials such as durable fabrics, including twill or polyester, that ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear. We also offer options for embroidered patches, which are meticulously stitched using high-quality threads for a textured and vibrant design.
    We as your biker patches supplier USA offer a range of sizes for our biker patch to accommodate various preferences and placement options. Our sizes typically range from small patches, around 2-3 inches, to larger patches, up to 12 inches or more. Custom sizing options are available to meet requirements.
    We as your biker patches distributer USA offer a wide range of styles for our biker patches to suit different tastes and aesthetics. Some of the popular styles include traditional embroidered patches with intricate designs and vibrant colors, vintage-style patches that evoke a nostalgic feel, and modern digital-printed patches for a sleek look. Additionally, we provide options for custom designs, allowing you to create a unique patch that reflects your personal style.
    Absolutely! We have a dedicated team of design experts who can assist you in bringing your vision to life. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need guidance in creating a custom patch, our team is here to help. We will work closely with you, providing recommendations and support throughout the design process, ensuring that your custom biker patch meets your expectations.
    Yes, we welcome both individual and bulk orders for our custom patches. Whether you need a single patch or a large quantity for your motorcycle club or event, we can accommodate your needs. Our flexible ordering process ensures that you receive the desired number of patches without compromising on quality or design.
    Sure! We offer a range of color options for our printed patch. You can select from our color palette or provide specific color codes to match your design or personal preferences. Our goal is to create a patch that perfectly captures your colors and showcases your unique style.
    Our biker patches can attach using different methods depending on your preference and garment material. The most common attachment options include sewing the patch onto the fabric using a needle and thread or utilizing heat seal backing, which allows you to iron the patch onto the garment. We also provide options for Velcro backing, making it easy to attach and remove the patches as needed.
    We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, and we cater to orders of all sizes. Our minimum quantity requirement for patch orders is 100 patches. Also, we have 5000+ custom design patches to choose from for all kinds of industries. Select from these designs and let us know!

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    Mesmerizing Printing Options For Personalized Custom Patches


    When it comes to personalized patches, we offer mesmerizing printing options that will bring your designs to life. Our goal is to provide you with patches that are best.

    We as your custom biker patches factory utilize state-of-the-art printing technologies and techniques to ensure that your custom patches are of the highest quality.

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    Why We Are The Best Among Others? 


    1. Exceptional quality patches that exceed expectations.
    2. Wide range of mesmerizing design and printing options.
    3. Attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship.
    4. Quick turnaround time without compromising on quality.
    5. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
    6. Competitive pricing for custom patches.
    7. Extensive experience in creating stunning and unique designs.
    8. Commitment to customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.


    Our Baking Options For Printed Bikers Patches


    Our baking options are design to provide you with printed patches that will withstand wear and tear over time. One of our baking options is heat seal backing. This method involves applying a layer of adhesive to the back of the patch, which can activate using heat. Heat seal backing provides a secure and long-lasting bond between the patch and the fabric it’s attached to, making it an excellent choice for patches that will be frequently worn or wash.

    Another baking option we offer is Velcro backing. This allows the patches to easily attach and remove from garments or accessories using Velcro strips. Velcro backing is ideal for custom bikers patches online that need to be interchanged or repositioned regularly.


    How To Apply High-Quality Bikers Patches To Your Bikes?


    Applying high-quality biker patches to your bike is a simple and straightforward process. First, determine the desire placement of the patch on your bike. Clean the surface thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion. If the patch has a heat seal backing, place it in the position and apply heat using an iron or heat press according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For patches with Velcro backing, attach the corresponding Velcro strip to the location on your bike, then attach the patch securely. If the patch has a sewing channel, carefully stitch it onto the fabric of your bike using a needle and thread, ensuring it is firmly attach.

    Once apply, ensure that the patch is securely in place. And enjoy the personalize touch it adds to your bike.

    Industries Where Our Best Bikers Patches Are Commonly Used


    Our best patches are commonly use across a wide range of industries, providing a versatile and customizable solution for identification, branding, and personalization. One industry where our patches find extensive usage is the military and law enforcement sector, where patches are utilize to signify rank, unit affiliation, and specialize roles. 

    Additionally, our custom embroidered biker patches are prevalent in the sports industry, particularly in team sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey, where they are use to display team logos and player names.

    Another industry that frequently incorporates our patches is the automotive sector, where patches are use by motorcycle clubs, car enthusiasts. And racing teams to showcase their affiliations and add a personalized touch to their gear. 


    Types Of Our Wholesale Custom Bikers Patch


    There are different types of custom bikers patches. To name a few are;


    1. Gear Helmet Biker Patch
    2. Winged Tire Biker Patch

    • Gear Helmet Biker Patch


    The gear helmet biker patch is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts who want to showcase their love for riding and safety. This patch features an intricately designed helmet adorn with gears, representing the importance of protective headgear while riding. The Gear Patch symbolizes a commitment to safety and responsible riding practices. 

    It is often worn by bikers who prioritize their well-being and strive to promote a culture of motorcycle safety within their community. These custom made biker patches serve as a reminder to always wear a helmet and encourage others to do the same.

    • Winged Tire Biker Patch


    The winged tire biker patch is a dynamic and visually striking patch that embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure associate with motorcycle culture. This patch features a tire with wings, representing the thrill and exhilaration of riding on the open road. 

    Both the gear helmet biker patch and the winged tire biker patch are meticulously manufacture with attention to detail and made from high-quality materials. These patches can customize with different colors, sizes, and additional elements to suit individual preferences. They are design to easily attach to motorcycle jackets, vests, or other riding gear, allowing bikers to proudly display their unique style and passion for the open road. 

    Whether worn individually or as part of a collection, these custom biker patches no minimum order are cherished by bikers as symbols of their devotion to the motorcycle lifestyle.

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