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Custom Sublimated Apparel

Custom Sublimated Apparel

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    Custom Sublimated Apparel Designed In Days

    At HQCustomPatches, we specialize in creating custom sublimated apparel that is designed and delivered to you in just a matter of days. Our sublimation process ensures vibrant and long-lasting designs that become a vital part of the fabric itself. Whether you need custom sublimated jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, or any other apparel, we’ve got you covered.

    With our state-of-the-art printing technology and expert team, we can bring your unique designs to life with exceptional clarity and precision. Experience matchless quality and fast turnaround time with your custom sublimated apparel manufacturer.

    Explore our wide Range of Products

    Customized 3D Apparel Patches

    Introducing our customized apparel patches, the perfect way to add a unique and dimensional touch to your clothing. Our 3D patches are expertly manufacture using innovative techniques and high-quality materials, resulting in stunning designs that stand out. With their raised, textured appearance, these custom sublimation apparel add depth and visual interest to any garment. Whether you want to showcase your brand logo, team emblem, or a custom design, our 3D apparel patches are customizable to your specifications.

    From jackets to hats, backpacks to uniforms, our patches can apply to various types of apparel, giving them a personalize and professional look. Elevate your style with our custom-made 3D apparel patches today.

    Highly Durable And Long-Lasting Personalized Patches

    Our personalized apparel patches are not only highly durable but also built to withstand the test of time. Manufacture with meticulous attention to detail and using the finest materials, our patches are design to be long-lasting. They are made to withstand frequent use, exposure to the elements, and regular washing without losing their vibrant colors or quality. Whether you’re using them for uniforms, sports apparel, or promotional purposes, our highly durable patches will remain intact and retain their original appearance.

    With their exceptional durability, you can trust that our custom dye sublimated apparel will continue to represent your brand, team, or organization with pride and longevity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Collections of the most common questions with detailed answer and brief, easy-to-understand answers about all kind of custom patches and Embroidered Patches.

    Custom sublimated apparels are manufacture using a specialized printing technique called sublimation. The design is digitally print onto a transfer paper and then heat-pressed onto the fabric, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.

    We offer a wide range of fabric options for sublimated apparel, including polyester and polyester blends. These fabrics are chosen for their ability to hold vibrant colors and allow for great sublimation printing results.

    Absolutely! Our custom sublimated apparel is fully customizable, allowing you to add your own artwork, logos, and text. You have the freedom to create a unique design that reflects your brand, team, or personal style.

    The production time for custom sublimated apparel can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the quantity ordered. However, we work hard to provide fast turnaround times and deliver your products within a reasonable timeframe.

    Sublimation printing allows for a wide range of colors to add to the design. There are no significant limitations, and our team will work closely with you to ensure your design is accurately represented in the final product.

    Yes, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate various body types and preferences. Whether you need youth sizes, adult sizes, or a mix of both, we can fulfill your sizing requirements.

    Absolutely! The sublimation printing process ensures that the colors and prints on the apparel are highly resistant to fading, making them ideal for outdoor activities and sports where durability and vibrant appearance are essential.

    Yes, we provide digital proofs or physical samples upon request. This allows you to review and approve the design before we proceed with the production of your custom sublimated apparel.

    Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. So, why wait? Order now.

    To place an order, simply reach out to our team and provide your design details, ideal fabric and sizing options, and desired quantity. We will guide you through the ordering process and ensure that you receive high-quality sublimated apparel that meets your specifications.

    Get to Know us!

    We take pride in our ability to create limitless bulk custom patch designs. In addition, we understand that every customer has unique preferences and requirements, and we are dedicated to turning their ideas into reality. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can create custom patches in any shape, size, or color scheme.

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    • Vibrant and long-lasting designs that don’t fade
    • Customizable to your unique specifications and designs
    • Fast turnaround time for quick delivery
    • High-quality materials for durability and comfort
    • Exceptional clarity and precision in printing
    • Versatile application on various types of apparel
    • Eye-catching and professional appearance
    • Elevate your team or brand with personalize apparel

    Where To Apply Wholesale Apparel Patches?

    Our wholesale apparel patches can apply to a variety of garments, allowing you to express your unique style and brand identity.
    These patches can easily attach to different areas of clothing using simple methods like sewing, ironing, or adhesive backing. Some popular locations for applying team apparel custom sublimation include jackets, vests, hats, shirts, jeans, backpacks, and uniforms. The placement of patches is flexible and can customize to suit your preferences. Whether you want to showcase your team logo, promote your brand, or add a personal touch to your clothing, custom apparel patches offer a versatile and eye-catching solution.
    Let your creativity shine and transform your garments into personalize works of art with custom patches.

    In What Industries Our Printed Apparel Patches Are Used?

    Our printed apparel patches are widely use in various industries as a means of identification, branding, and personalization. In the sports industry, patches are commonly seen on team uniforms, jerseys, and sports accessories, helping to differentiate teams and showcase logos or emblems. The fashion and retail industry utilizes patches to add a unique touch to clothing items, enhancing their visual appeal and creating a distinctive brand identity. Military and law enforcement agencies utilize patches on uniforms to signify rank, unit, or specific achievements. Additionally, patches are also prevalent in the corporate world, where they are use to promote brand logos, slogans, or corporate events.
    From sports to fashion, military to corporate, apparel patches find their place in numerous industries, adding a touch of identity and style to various garments.

    Our Different Types Of High-Quality Custom Sublimated Apparels

    At HQCustomPatches, we offer a range of high-quality custom sublimated apparels to meet your specific needs. Our offerings include;

    • Custom made sublimated patches
    • Custom made sublimated shirts

    Custom Made Sublimated Patches

    These patches are create using the sublimation printing process, which ensures vibrant and long-lasting designs. Furthermore, they can be fully customize with your desire artwork, logos, or text. Whether you need patches for uniforms, bags, or other accessories, our custom-made sublimated patches are an excellent choice.

    Custom Sublimation Shirts

    Our custom sublimation shirts are manufacture using high-quality fabrics and sublimation printing techniques. This allows for all-over printing, making it possible to create unique and eye-catching designs that cover the entire shirt. From sports teams and clubs to promotional events and corporate branding, our custom sublimation shirts offer a comfortable and stylish option to showcase your message or logo. With our sublimated apparel, you have the flexibility to express your creativity and make a lasting impression.

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    Need Assistance? Call us +1 (646) 701-8391

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